Android TV home screen bloat and how to fix it
Rather of having simply one section for all your applications, the Mi Box divides your app collection in 2, with a different section of "Mi Box Recommends" apps that cannot be customized. Last year's Nvidia Shield Android TV, which runs the very same operating system from Google, additionally has a different row simply for Nvidia's pre-installed gaming apps and also Netflix. As with the Mi Box, there's no way to relocate those applications around.

Xiaomi Mi Box: removing the "Mi Box Recommends" row

Eliminating Xiaomi's bloatware initially calls for a settings tweak:
  • Most likely to Setups
  • Under the Device going, choose Applications
  • Under the System applications heading, scroll to and pick XiaomiLeanbackCustomizer
  • Select Disable, then pick OK

Removing this row doesn't remove the apps themselves, it simply relocates them to the main app section to ensure that everything's in one place. To remove these apps totally, you introduce them initially, as this takes you to the Google Play Store to complete the installment. After this step, uninstall the apps with Settings > Apps or through the Google Play Store, and also the symbols ought to disappear.
Nvidia Guard Android TV: getting rid of the "Shield Center" row

The weirdest thing about the Nvidia Guard Android TV is how it delegates the Netflix app to the exact same row as Nvidia's very own gaming solutions. If this bothers you as long as it bothers me, follow these steps for alleviation:
  • Most likely to Settings
  • Under the Device heading, choose Apps
  • Under the System applications going, scroll to as well as select Nvidia Customizations
  • Select Notifications, then select Off

When you return to the residence display, both Netflix as well as the Guard Center app will certainly show up inside the primary apps section. You could press as well as hold the "A" switch on those applications to rearrange the icons.There's simply one downside: Launching the Shield Center takes you right to Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud video gaming solution, without any noticeable way to accessibility GameStream (for in-home streaming from a COMPUTER) or Nvidia's native game store.

Extreme measure: Establish a new default launcher

If you're still dissatisfied with the Android TV house screen-- as an example, you do not like the Recommendations row, or don't desire your video games as well as applications divided, you could install a different home screen launcher.With Android 6.0, Google made this a whole lot harder on Android TV gadgets. Even if you install a different launcher like HALauncher or TVLauncher, there's no built-in method to set them as the default. There is a workaround, uncovered by the XDA developer discussion forums.

I've validated that this works with the Nvidia Guard Android TV. And also unlike the a lot more basic workaround that removes Nvidia's home screen section, releasing the Guard Center app from an alternative launcher maintains accessibility to GameStream as well as Nvidia's video game store.One of Android's staminas has actually always been the capability to tailor, so it's an embarassment Google makes power users go through many steps to change the house screen. But a minimum of it's still possible.

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